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I'm a book publisher creating a new barcode template from scratch after a computer failure wiped out our old Bartender templates - the EAN-13 with 5 digit add-on best matches what we have used but when I type in our publisher ISBN along with the book's specific 3 digit identifier I'm getting this error message. Our barcodes traditionally have had 3 sections: the coded ISBN on the bottom left; the book price where the 5-digit add-on is and then the ISBN written out along the top. Once the template is saved we have been able to modify each code to reflect a new book's identifier. I can't figure anything out and I have to get books to the printers - please help. 


Xabier Clemente
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Hello Lorie,

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I understand the EAN-13 barcodes use a check digit right at the end; this check digit is automatically calculated by BarTender. If you modify it in any way, this error might occur. Could you tell us whether you've changed it?

If so, we would recommend either going away with the EAN-13 symbology and choosing something else, such as UPC-A; removing your last digits from your data, so BarTender automatically fills these; or having BarTender automatically remove the last digit before encoding the barcode. You can do so from the barcode properties, selecting the data source, and accessing the "Transforms" tab.

Let us know if this helped! If not, please, feel free to reach us again!

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