Same Label, Multiple Printers Follow


We have 2 models of the same brand printer - Primera LX2000 and LX3000. The LX3000 is new. For all labels created to date, the LX2000 was the printer specified/selected during label creation in Bartender Designer. Label stock, dimensions, etc. all remain the same. These files are not printing correctly to the LX3000 and the page layouts get messed up and require adjustment.

I can't imagine the solution is to create multiple copies of the same file for different printers? That would be a maintenance nightmare. I'm sure there is documentation out there that speaks to a solution here, but I'm struggling to find it. Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Rainer Huwer
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Hello, you can display a dropdown list of printers on the form and use it to switch between printers at print time.

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