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Hi All,

In our initial rollout of BarTender, we are going to export data from a database (Benchling) into a .csv that BarTender uses as a data source.  So far this works great.

I was hoping to have the end-user navigate to a fresh .csv every day after their data export but so far I have not found an easy way to do this.  I know they can do this by making a new database connection but I was really hoping that they could navigate to a new file via the Forms option.

QUESTION:  How can I prompt a user in BarTender to Navigate to a new DataSource (.csv) that would contain that day's data?

Any .csv file that the end-user would navigate to would have the same schema so I am not concerned about that.

This is a temporary solution until we can completely integrate BarTender into our data warehouse, which is proving very time-consuming.


Xabier Clemente
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Hi Brad!

Welcome to the BarTender Forums!

We could create a Named Database Connection so the process is shorter. As long as these new .csv files always share the same location and name, they could be automatically identified and connected with just one click.

Other than that, I would recommend reaching our Professional Services department, who in exchange for a quote, could help you automate this process either via the use of Integrations or scripts.

I hope this helps!

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