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Possible to use REST in a Print Station Label instead of ODBC?



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    Xabier Clemente

    Hello Randi,

    Welcome to the Community Forums!

    In order to properly understand your issue, could you give us some context as to what you are trying to accomplish. How is Print Station involved in this? REST Api is an automation method, so how does it involve Print Station?

    Also, here is an article on the subject that you might find of use:

    Using the BarTender REST Api

    Thank you.

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    Randy Stulce

    Hello Xabier, 

    We have some labels now we print ad-hoc via Print Station that use an ODBC connection to our ERP database . We are moving to a new server and ODBC is not going to be an option however the ERP database supports REST to query data. I'd like to replace the ODBC connection with a REST connection. 



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