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Tear-off setting for Zebra cutting attachment?



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    Peter Thane

    Sorry i am out of the office so cant include a screenshot of where the setting in, but this an offset setting in the Seagull driver. I believe it could be on the Options tab in the Printer Properties screen.

    If there is a setting already in label template/driver then these will override any adjustments you make to things like heat or speed or offsets. For some of these in the Seagull driver there is a Use current printer settings option which then means those are controlled by the front panel but if that is unticked or not chosen the BarTender settings will be the ones used

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    Jason Gould

    Wouldn't changing the offset shift the whole label, including the print? Because the printing is 100% aligned correctly. It's just the cutting position which is off.

    In the particular case I'm working with we are printing a set of labels (5) and then cutting. I would imagine the offset would change on each of those 5 labels and impact the printed text positioning on the label.

    I think the problem with the print setting for "tear-off" being overwritten is because we need to enable other settings for the label/document. In the Stock->Media Handling settings it is set to "use current printer settings" for print method and media type. But below that we have to set other behavior because the printer can't accomplish these things alone;

    Feed Mode: Cut

    Cut: After Specific Interval

    Interval: 5

    Backfeed: Default Setting

    "Set Top Adjustment" and "Set Rest Position Adjustment" are empty. Perhaps "set rest position adjustment" could control the "tear-off" setting? But since the field is empty I don't understand why it wouldn't just honor the printer setting.


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