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I have some unwanted informations generated in C:\ProgramData\Seagull\System\Cache that is slowly taking a lot of storage capacity. The files are created at each printing (I guess) and are named this way :

"PrintResponseQueue0.00000XXXXX.eds" ('XXXXX' being an incremental number). Files are around 5MB each.

We have installed the Bartender suite without the SQL Database option in order to limit the number of logs generated and these files remain. Because of that most of the management settings in the administration console are unavailable (which is ok since we do not use the service).

I can not find the way to disable de generation or at least to schedule a clearance in order to limit the storage capacity used.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Xabier Clemente
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Hello Jean,

Thank you for reaching us via the BarTender Community Forums.

If you lose the database connection for any reason, the BarTender System Service can cache the print job data until the connection is restored. While this option can minimize data loss if the database connection is disconnected and not immediately restored, the cached data can use a large amount of memory or even fill your hard drive.

The first thing we would need to check in order to solve this issue is whether the Cache Options are enabled in your environment. Could access the BarTender Administration Console in the affected workstation and navigate to the System Database tab, then check if the "Cache Options" field is enabled?

If it is, could you disable the field and monitor whether more files are being created or not?

Thank you.

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