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Print Document optimal properties. Close at End? Save document?



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    Xabier Clemente

    Hello Sean,

    Thank you for reaching us via the Community Forums.

    In order to properly troubleshoot this issue, we would require more information about your BarTender environment:

    • What Windows version are you currently on?
    • Did this performance and instability issue appear directly after upgrading to BarTender 2016, or did it gradually get worse?
    • Have you tried restarting the BarTender Services? You can find them on the BarTender Administration Console, on the "Windows Services" tab. Sometimes restarting these services does the trick.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Sean OConnor

    Windows Server 2016 Datacenter. My understanding is that this has been gradually getting worse and it was not as unstable and slow when it was launched. We run a very limited number of integrations on this server compared to the older server with BT 10.1. I haven't specifically tried just restarting BarTender Services, but I do have to reboot almost weekly because all integrations just stop working and the reason in the error message is blank.

    Often, after reboot, or after an integration deploy, the Integrations page on admin console will say that the Integration Service isn't running, but the Windows Services tab will say that all services are running (and I can see it in Task Manager too). Usually it'll still process and print during that state, and then after several minutes will finally display properly in the Integrations screen.

    I or my colleague will have to spend some time with the support team on these issues, but I still am curious about the original question in this post. With this type of integration, do I want to close at end of print job, and do I want to Save document at end of print job? If it's not closed, does that mean it (and all other btw files) are taking up memory on the server? Seems I'd rather not do that unless it's a heavy running label. And I don't see value in saving the file automatically as part of the integration if nothing is changing, but that probably doesn't matter in the long run.

    How about settings in the scan folder for the trigger file? Is it less resource intensive to have dozens (or hundreds) of separate integrations be triggered by notifications or by polling the folder? Is there a certain time interval on polling that is recommended, if the priority is system stability? 


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