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BarTender running on Azure VM?



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    Xabier Clemente

    Hello David,

    Welcome to the BarTender Community!

    There shouldn't be any issues installing BarTender on a virtual machine and PaaS SQL Server in Microsoft Azure. If your BarTender License Server is running on Azure, then as long as the client computers can see that VM they would be able to connect to the license, so there shouldn't be any latency issues.

    The process to activate BarTender on an Azure VM is simple:

    1. First, deactivate the license on your current server (in case you are moving from an on-premise environment to an Azure environment).

    2. If you haven't already, download the most recent release of your BarTender version and install it on your new server. 
    3. Activate BarTender on your new server using your Product Key Code.


    Let us know if there is anything else we can do you for.

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    Muhammad Sarfaraz

    I have a similar situation where I have installed bartender on azure vm but unable to get print on local printer, even though It says print successfully sent to specified printer mentioned in bt file.

    Any idea how it can work?


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