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Unable to install from 2022.1 on Win Server 2012 R2


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    Xabier Clemente

    Hello Jack,

    Thank you for reaching us via the Community Forums!

    If you were unable to make the Windows printer driver wizard install the downloaded seagull driver for your printer model, can you please make sure no residual files can be preventing your installation?

    • Open the Windows Command prompt as administrator.

    • Run the command pnputil -e.

    • This will list all of the .ini files that reside in the store, it would look similar to this:

    • Remove all the .inf files that are labeled "Seagull".

    • To remove the file(s), use the command pnputil -d <published name>.inf.

    • Try using the Seagull Driver Wizard again to install the printer again after removing the package.

    Please let us know if this did the trick!


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