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integration builder 2021 SOCKET PORT


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    Xabier Clemente

    Hello Patrick,

    Thank you for reaching us via our Community Forum!

     I think we can try a couple of different things to get to the bottom of this problem.

    • Our Integration Troubleshooting Article has a few basic things to review when checking a socket integration. Namely, I'd check these items:

      • Are the ports open?

      • Is there a firewall or antivirus potentially interfering?

      • Is something else using the same port?

      Socket Integrations require a quiet port. If anything else is speaking on the port, the integration will usually fault and say that the port is unavailable. Like with other integrations, an error message will often tell you what the issue is and how to fix it.

    • Importing .tl Tasklist files to Integration Builder can sometimes fault. If this was an imported task list, let's try to create a new socket integration from scratch.

      You can do this by creating a new Integration and configuring a new socket integration.

    • Socket Integrations have a relatively simple setup as long as the service sending the requests is configured correctly. We have an example of a BTXML socket integration in our example files. You can access it from C:\Users\SeagullVM\Documents\BarTender\Integrations\Examples\BTXML Network Socket Integration\ and see a video example of a socket integration setup here on our website. If you're not too familiar with socket integration setup, I recommend using the sample files and video to follow along and create a simple test setup.

    • I don't have the source BTXML that your SQL server is sending, but I used the example data from BarTender as a start. I created a simple "Send to Network Socket" action in the Process Builder application to act as the socket sender. I was able to send BTXML data to the integration and have it respond accordingly, but I didn't have a setup to test the ACKResponseData your integration sends after trigger execution. You might try creating a simple process builder action to send your BTXML triggers and check to make sure everything in your integration is responding accordingly. This would narrow things down to either a communications issue between your SQL server and integration client or a problem with the integration itself.

      Here is a screenshot of how I configured the process builder to send socket information to your integration:

    I hope these recommendations work, if not, please feel free to reach us again!


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