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license server needs re added daily



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    Paula Llorca

    Hello Josh!

    Thanks for joining the BarTender community!


    In order to help you, we will need some additional details for better understanding :)

    Can you please clarify what version and release of BarTender is running on both, license server and client pc? 

    When starting the client pc, is there any error message showing, that points to the redirection?

    Was this working as expected before, or is this a new behavior?


    Also, some points can be double checked from your side like described in this article:


    Best regards



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    Josh Nunya

    I'm slightly limited on what I can do myself since I don't have admin rights, but the folks that do have admin rights traditionally do below the barest minimum and call it unfixable. I've figured out a few solutions to problems they said couldn't be done in my time here :(


    When opening Bartender 2019 I get Warning Message #2402.

    I'm running on Bartender Designer 2019 R4, Enterprise Edition, Version 11.1/140669 (64 bit), Win 10 Pro x64 build 19044.

    Every day when the program is launched it appears to have forgotten the location of the server and I have to go into Licensing and add the server back to the list. I'm not sure how to go about finding the information for the server itself since I don't have access to it. 

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    Daniel Hamilton


    I have the same issue with an installation of Bartender 2019 as well. No warning message or error when opening but loses the license server almost every day and has to be added back through licensing wizard. This causes issues because not all users know how to re-activate and they should not have to. Possibly this is a bug with version will updating help the issue? The issue started when I migrated the license to a dedicated server from the client PC where bartender is installed. There is one other client PC on our network that does not have this problem.

    For me, an acceptable workaround would be if I could activate the bartender suite through command-line on the problem PC. This would allow me to run a batch file within task scheduler licensing bartender suite at the beginning of each shift using it. Any info on the problem would be greatly appreciated :)

    Client PC:

    - Bartender 2019 R4 version (Automation) Windows 10

    - Windows 10 64-bit version 1809 OS Build 17763.1577

    License Server:

    - BarTender 2019 R10 version 11.1/167038 (Automation)

    - Windows Server 2016 Datacenter 64-bit Version 1607 Build 14393.5006


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    Peter Thane

    It looks like upgrading the client PC from R4 2019 maybe the way to go as the first thing listed on the R5 Release Notes is:

    "Fixed an issue where BarTender® clients intermittently cannot find the designated License Server."

    I would suggest updating it to the last edition of 2019 (R10) 


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