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Switch to This License Unavailable



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    Peter Thane

    Not sure on this but, if you deactivate within BarTender Designer and not Admin Console, when you reactivate can you see and connect to the other licence. 

    Or else if you Elevate Permissions on the Windows Services screen or else open Admin Console as Run As Administrator, does that give you the Switch to option? 

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    Laura Vela

    Hello Mark,

    Besides what my colleague Peter comments, I would double-check the permissions defined for that license (in case it is not being shared or it is restricted).

    You can do that in the License Setup > License that you want to check > User access control, within Administration Console. You could try setting it up first so that no restriction is applied and check if you are able to connect to the license:

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    Mark Gallienne

    Peter and Laura, between both your answers, I worked out how to fix it.

    1) User access control had been limited to "from" the licence server only. So I changed that to "Everywhere"

    2) Then I had to de-licence from the user's machine in BarTender Designer and re-licenced using the Automation licence, and everything began to work. 

    Thank you both for your help! :)


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