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Fixed barcode length and human-readable numbers?



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    Peter Thane

    I would suggest using a Code 128 barcode symbol and you could set the barcode up with 2 separate strings, namely the P or 0 and then the serialised element. 

    You can do this by using New Data Source button ringed in the bottom left in the image below. 

    For each string you can set a default/starting value, I used P and 00001 for the serial number. I could have just used 1 for the serial number and then used the Transforms > Number of Characters (X) to set this to 5, but instead I ticked Preserve Number of Characters option when I enabled serialisation.

    If the special and normal stock items use a different serial number, so you can have both a P01001 and a 001001 then you could create two labels where the P and 0 are fixed or else you could make this a prompted field by adding something like this to the Data Entry Form:

    Note: I have used a List Input item where the Display Text and Value are different:


    Please note you would need to save the label when you close it to retain the last serial number used





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    Bob Jones

    This is absolutely perfect! Thank you!!

    I did find a little workaround in using prefixes, but that requires manual editing everytime i go up an order of magnitude. Not an issue when you're 100k stock item in, but doing it that way is a pain until you reach there :D


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