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How do I print a blank label while printing serialized barcodes between each number increase?



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    Peter Thane

    You basically need to adjust the Print When condition for the 2nd template to match the required settings but depending on the above you may need to add some extra code in. 

    Is the only information that is changing the serial number on your labels or does something else change as that will govern how the template 2 label is printed? 

    I am guessing this is the kind of thing you are after with this sample assuming the :

    This sample label is just triggering off the serialised field changes. The extra fields included on template 1 wont need to be on the final label (they can be off the side in the none printable area) and are just there for show.  The 1-4 fields near the bottom is an incrementing field that increases every copy whilst the No Print/Print field is a VB script routine and that is the field the "Print When" command is linked to for template 2.

    If you can confirm what is actually changing on your label then I can hopefully confirm how you can achieve this.  

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    Josie Chea

    Thank you for the response. Yes that is exactly what we are looking to do, the only number changing during the print run would be the barcode.

    We look forward to hearing from you, thank you for the help!

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    Peter Thane

    Okay, here goes:

    • Leave your serial number field as it is as you should not need to adjust this.
    • Add three text fields to your main template (off to the side of the label so they don't print). These all need to be Named Data Sources and I used simple names, TheCopies, TheVB and CheckField but you can do this as we go through the process outlined here. To make them named use the button ringed below to access this option 


    • For TheCopies, give this an appropriate name and leave it set as a Embedded Data field with a numeric Sample Data value 
    • For the CheckField, set the name of this field as appropriate, and leave this field again as an Embedded Data field with a numeric Sample Data value. 
    • For this field click on the Transforms tab and select Serialisation and configure the field to Increment for Every Copy and then on the Reset tab tick the top, when Specified Value is reached and for the Value click the button to the right of the field and choose the Get Value from Data Source and chose the name you gave for TheCopies above


    • Go to the File>Print screen and click on the button to the right of the Copies option and click on the Get Quantity from Data Source and on the new screen link this value to the TheCopies named data source. Then click OK and Close to come out of that screen.


    • Now select the Data Entry Form and add two Text or Number input fields and go into the Properties of each of these in turn. For the 1st one amend the text label to "Serial numbers" or similar and click on the Linked Data Source and from the Data Sources list choose the Serial Numbers option. Follow a similar process for the 2nd entry field but this time set the text label to "copies of serial number" or similar and from the Linked Data Source select the TheCopies named data source.

     (Note: if you used a Text Data Entry box for these you may want to click on the Data Entry option in the column on the left and set the default value to 1)

    • For the final text field (TheVB), set the name as appropriate and then adjust the Type to VB Script and choose the Event Controlled Script option and then press the Edit... button.
    • You can leave the Adjust the OnAutoSelected event commands as they are or edit them to something like Value = "0"
    • Now scroll down and choose the OnIdenticalCopies option then add in the simple If....then...else statement and code as shown below. For the Value1 = and Value2 = to link to the field, type in the "Value1 = " and then double click on the Named Data Source you are linking to from the appropriate section of the Script Assistant box to the right of the VB screen. Repeat for the Value2 = command. Then click Close to exit the VB screen and close the text field properties. 


    • Next either go to the Page Setup, highlight your Template 2 and click on the Print When button or else right click on the Template 2 tab at the bottom and click Properties and again click on the Print When option. 
    • Adjust the settings for this as shown below so that Template 2 only prints when TheVB has a value of Print.

    •  Amend the Template2 setup to however you want this label to print.

    And that should be it!




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