Welcome to the BarTender user forum. This is a space for the BarTender community to share ideas, ask for help from other users, or talk about your favorite labeling topics. Although Seagull Scientific employees may monitor and respond to some posts, you should check the knowledge base or submit a ticket if you need immediate help.
  • Announcements

    Official announcements from Seagull Scientific.

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  • Product Feedback

    Share your thoughts about Bartender, make suggestions and see what others are saying about it.

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  • BarTender Designer

    The core of the BarTender Suite, BarTender Designer is used to design templates and serves as the print engine.

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  • Installation and Upgrades

    Get any information on installing and upgrading the BarTender Suite.

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  • Template Design

    Ask general questions about the template design process in BarTender.

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  • Database Connections

    BarTender can connect to a wide variety of external databases. Check here for answers about BarTenders capabilities.

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  • Visual Basic (VB) Scripting

    Get help and ask questions about the use of VB Scripting inside of BarTender.

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  • Printing

    Look here if you're experiencing printing problems or have questions about unique printing needs.

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  • General Integration Questions

    If you know need to integrate BarTender with another system, but you don't know where to start, ask your questions he...

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  • Integration Builder

    Released with BarTender 2016, Integration Builder allows you to integrate BarTender with almost any other system.

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  • .NET SDK and Active X

    Get help and information about integration BarTender with other applications using our .NET SDKs and ActiveX interface.

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  • Commander

    Commander was a utility distributed prior to BarTender 2016 that allows you to automate BarTender based on "trig...

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  • SLS (Seagull License Server)

    The Seagull License Server is Seagull’s tool for monitoring BarTender and enforcing printer licenses.

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  • Administration Console

    Administration Console houses the majority of the administrative settings for the BarTender Suite, including the BarT...

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  • Batch Maker

    Batch Maker is a tool that allows you to combine multiple BarTender documents into "batch files" that can b...

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  • BarTender System Database

    The BarTender System Database is used by applications in the BarTender Suite to store print job information, applicat...

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  • History Explorer | Reprint Console

    History Explorer and Reprint Console are applications that allow you to search for, view, and reprint past print jobs.

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  • Librarian

    Librarian is a companion application to BarTender that lets groups of designers, administrators and other users coope...

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  • Printer Maestro

    Printer Maestro provides a convenient way to monitor the printers and print jobs on your network. Additionally, it co...

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  • Print Portal

    BarTender Print Portal is a web-based application that provides an interface for selecting and printing BarTender doc...

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  • Print Station

    Print Station is a companion application to BarTender that simplifies printing of existing BarTender documents. Becau...

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  • Windows Printer Drivers

    Get information about Driver by Seagull. Windows printer drivers for a wide range of thermal printers.

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