Code128 encoding Seguir

Per Guldstrand


I have a project where im trying to print a barcode for pairing of a bluetooth scanner to a PC. I have this working by creating the barcode with the barcode encoder included in the MessagingToolkit:

I would like to use a label format file and print this with a Zebra printer (GK420t) instead and was hoping i could just define the barcode part in the btw file and send the content from C#. This does however not seem to work at all. The barcode is different from the one generated in the already working solution and my scanner (Symbol ls3578) wont recognize it the way i hoped for.

Whats more disturbing is that when i change the printer to a regular network printer, the barcode is changed again looking nothing like the original one or the one printed with the Zebra printer.

The barcode contains a special character and the full string as working with the original encoder is:


The Ê is char 202 from the ISO-8859-1 ASCII table.

I am probably doing something very wrong here, but i have no idea what it is.

Anyone got any ideas?

Best Regards,



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