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David Nijjar

I'm using Bartender 10.1 .

I have a data entry form where every data source with a data entry control transform is set to the frequency of "Once at Start of Print Job". It works.

As soon as I do either of the following things, clicking "Preview" on the data entry form either freezes Bartender, or re-displays the data entry form again but with blank fields (and again , and again, if I try to click "Preview" again). It never shows the preview.

1) Making any Text Input Box "read only" (in its properties), and then in its Linked Data Sources, pointing it to a data source in an object in the template, that is a database field.

2) In any data source that has a data control entry transform, setting the frequency to "Every Record".

Are these known bugs? Is there a workaround? I need a Data Entry form that shows (in a read-only text box) the value in a Database Field, and that re-displays for every record (so the print operator can enter in new information for each record).

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Shotaro Ito
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Is there any possibility that your database record has some empty records?

If you're using Excel database, delete some empty rows below your data. On BarTender's database setup > Browse, make sure no blank rows are shown.

Or you can apply Query - such as Field NUM > '0'.

Does it happen only when "Read only" enabled, or that's doesn't matter?

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