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Evan Paradies

I am trying to create an integration with a Postgresql database(version 9.2.18).  If I try the Postgresql integration type I do not get the option "Field has a specified value", which is what I need.  I can successfully connect to the database via ODBC and can print labels based on a specified value.  The problem comes when I try to update the field after processing.  No matter what I try it errors out with:

ERROR [0A000] ERROR: cross-database references are not implemented: "XXXXXXX.public.mrp_production";
Error while executing the query

Has anyone else encountered this and know of a fix?




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Ivan Ivanov
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Hi there,

I am in the same trouble with BarTender 2016R7 and 2016R8, trying to connect to Postgresql 9.5 and Postgresql 10

I just don't have the "Field has a specified value", which I should have after the documentation (

If this is the expected behaviour, please advise how can I modify the database after successful printing, so I can update the "printed" column to be set to true.

I appreciate any help on this!

Thank you in advance!

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