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Integration Builder - Print PDF File to Printer


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    Peter Thane

    if they are all single page PDF then you could use Integration Builder to do this.

    • Create a label with a text field that will contain the name of the file and make this a Named Data Source. Copy and paste a default file name in to this for setup. This field does not need to be on the label area that prints and so the field can be dragged to the side of the print area.
    • Add an image field that gets the file name from a Named Data Source and configure a location where the PDF will be located (not the initial location, it will be moved as part of the process - see below). Click on the Data Source and link it to the Named source above.

    • Save the label
    • In Integration Builder create a File Integration looking for a PDF to arrive in a set location. When it arrives configure the system to move this to a new folder but to keep the PDF extension.
    • Now click on the Print Document option and browse to your label and Import the settings.
    • Click on Named Data Sources and adjust the Value field by deleting the contents and then clicking on the Insert Variable>More Variables and choose the Detected File Name from the list and that should be it

    Periodically you may want to delete the PDFs from the folder the integration moves them to.


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    Kurt Van Daele


    This solution works indeed for single label pdf files. We also have a customer who sends pdf files with multiple labels (pages). What would be the solution for printing such pdf files?


    Best regards




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