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Labels print in wrong orientation when printed through Blend ERP


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    Xabier Clemente

    Hello Patrick,

    Thank you for reaching us via our Community Forums.

    Determining the exact cause of this label printing issue could be tricky, as there are multiple elements involved. However, I can provide you with some potential causes and troubleshooting steps to help you identify and resolve the problem. Please, review the following suggestions below:

    • Printer Driver Settings: Start by checking the printer driver settings for the Zebra and Sato printers in question. Ensure that the correct paper size and orientation settings are selected within the driver settings. Sometimes, the printer driver may override the settings specified in the BarTender templates or Blend ERP.

    • Drivers by Seagull™: Are you using our dedicated printer drivers for these printers? If not, we would suggest downloading and installing these, as BarTender has been designed to work best with these, and not having these installed could pose an issue. You can find the download link to our drivers here.

    • Template Configuration: Verify that the BarTender templates used for printing labels through Blend ERP have the correct orientation settings. Double-check the settings within BarTender to ensure that the labels are set to the desired orientation. Here are some articles from our Knowledge Base which might prove of use to you. Also, confirm that the templates are correctly uploaded to Blend ERP without any modification or corruption.

    • Blend ERP Configuration: Review the configuration settings within Blend ERP related to label printing. Check if there are any specific settings that control label orientation or if there are any known issues or limitations related to label printing with certain printer brands or models.

    • Printer Firmware and Drivers: Ensure that the Zebra and Sato printers have the latest firmware installed. Check the manufacturer's website for any available firmware updates that address label orientation issues. Additionally, update the printer drivers on the machines where the printers are installed. Outdated drivers may cause compatibility problems with certain software or misinterpret label orientation settings.

    • Test with Different Software: To isolate the issue, try printing the labels using different software, such as BarTender Designer or another third-party application that supports label printing. If the labels print correctly with different software, it may indicate that the issue lies with Blend ERP or its integration with BarTender.

    • Contact Support: If the issue persists after trying the above steps, it would be beneficial to contact the support teams of Blend ERP, the printer manufacturers, and our own via the Get Support page (you will need an active Maintenance and Support agreement with us).

    Remember, it's essential to have backups of your label templates and printer configurations before making any changes and be cautious while modifying settings to avoid any unintended consequences.

    I hope these suggestions help!


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