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Hi this question may have been asked before

Using Bartender 10 Automation, and a number of Zebra 110PAX4 printers with the stamper option, we would like to send label print jobs that will clear the spooler of the previous job. Example, we send a job of 200 labels but only print 100, there's 100 still in the spooler but we don't need them. We want to send the new print job but at the same time clear the spooler of the old job therefore resetting the printer /flushing the buffer. Is there a set up or command in Bartender 10 that will allow this? The objective is to avoid the users having to manual clear the spooler on the printer settings. This is an assembly line, print-and-apply environment.


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Peter Thane
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Does the LCD on the printer say printing 100 of 200 or printing 1 of 1 (200 hundred times) ? 

You basically need to send ~JA command to the device and if it is the former of the two then that should not be a problem as all the data has already been sent to the printer at the start of the print run but if it is the 1 of 1 ( * 200) then that will mean that the rest of the labels are still in the Windows spooler and have not yet been sent to the printer and so the ~JA command will not be sent to the printer until after those labels have been sent. 


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