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Seunghyun Um

Hi guys, I need your help mate :)


Currently, I am using Bartender print driver with Cab XC6 printer.


I designed the label and tested the print it out, bu the result wasn't good.


only half of the label could be printed out. the label size is 120X80mm

I think that the print driver cannot recognise the whole label isn't it?


Could you guys give me some advices for this matter?

Thanks in advance

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Al Perez
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Hello Seunghyun, thanks for reaching out to us!

As far as advice goes, first, take a moment to review our Common Printing Issues article.

Second, make sure that the Print Preview shows the label correctly; additionally, if you have image logging turned on, you should be able to review what your print job should have looked like in the History Explorer app, part of the BarTender suite. 

Finally, if you're still having problems, please consider opening a ticket with Technical Support here.


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