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Following on from a business stopper, where we had our Bartender 2019 R10 server fail due to an internal BT error, I am seeking to mitigate future production problems and would like to implement a "Recommended" deployment of Bartender 2021.

We currently have, 30 licenced printers, and utilise the automation, and quite a few other BT features; this is all currently installed on a single server in a HA VM environment.

I would like to mitigate this failure in the future and deploy a HA BT environment, so this means not only is the licence server critical, but so is the automation and other parts of the BT system.

I understand the Triad licence model so the reply doesn't need to include this.

My question is what is the "recommended" BT Deployment model to ensure the rest of the BT estate is also safe from single points of failure and effectively HA?

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Xabier Clemente
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Hello Michael!

Thank you for posting your query on our Community Forums.

We have an article detailing How to Implement a Highly-Available, High-Performance Environment on BarTender 2021; I would recommend reviewing this documentation.

Also, as the procedure you are describing would involve updating BarTender 2019 to 2021, we would advise setting up a workstation with a Provisional Activation so the updating process can be gradual and fluid. A provisional activation will allow us to activate a BarTender 2021 license on one computer for a temporary period, while our older license remains active in production. However, keep in mind you must have an active maintenance agreement with your license in order to provisionally activate.

We have some complementary documentation on Updating BarTender to 2021:

Finally, please review this list of the recommended versions of Windows to use with BarTender to ensure all machines can support BarTender 2021:

These articles contain base guidelines, not applicable to all environments or scenarios; if you need further specialized help, we would recommend reaching one of our BarTender partners or our Professional Services team.

Hopefully, this documentation will be of use.

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