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REST API based integration with JSON Label Data


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    Rajath Muthyala

    Hi Justin, 

    Based on the provided JSON payload, it seems there was an issue with the formatting of the "labels" array. I encountered a similar problem when attempting to add the JSON data to my template as embedded data.

    Upon closer inspection, it appears that the backslashes before the quotes in the "labels" string were causing the JSON validation to fail. The correct format for the "labels" array should be without the escape characters:

    [ {"Barcode":"0448c96b-063e-41a1-8677-6e25becf5bcf","Sample ID":"QCS_0253"}, {"Barcode":"9d71cfec-7aa3-426d-b151-39aabf494f16","Sample ID":"QCS_0252"} ]

    After removing the backslashes, the JSON payload worked seamlessly with the BarTender template, allowing it to load up multiple records successfully. I recommend giving this revised format a try in your integration. Let me know how you go.




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