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Zebra Z4M Plus Printing blank label in between each label


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    Peter Thane

    I would suggesting going back a few steps first:

    • Turn the print off and back on again and allow it to do it's power up calibration.
    • Once completed and in the "Ready" state press the Feed button to check that the printer only feeds one label and stops at the next gap.
    • If that works then go to the Printer Properties>Tools Tab and select Feed from the Action drop down. If that works correctly then the issue is not with the driver but with the label configuration. To try and clear this, close down the Printer Properties for now and open the Document Properties>Stock and adjust the Media Type to Non Continuous Web-Sensing and then retry the Feed from the Tools Action drop down as mentioned above. 
    • If that now works then open your label and try and print a label. If there is still an issue go to the File>Print screen and adjust the media type as above and retry a print job. You could try using the printers Feed between in between and afterwards to make sure the printer itself if still working correctly.
    • If the print is still printing one label and then feeding a blank, but feeds correctly after a power up then you need to look at your label height settings. The height of the label in the Page Setup should be height of the physical label itself not including the inter-label gap. You may also want to move any label fields from the top and bottom of the label so they are not going over the edge of the label

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