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Excel On Sharepoint


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    Domingo Rodriguez

    Hello Sjoerd,


    To my knowledge BarTender does currently not support connecting to an Excel spread sheet which is located on a SharePoint cloud recource.

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    Legacy Poster



    Not a direct solution, but there may be a workaround to using a SharePoint Online hosted excel file as a source file. 


    Host an Excel spreadsheet in a folder on a local file server or computer in your network.


    Run SkyDrive Pro on a computer in your network.


    If the folder is on a local file server, then map the server share with a Drive Letter on the computer running SkyDrive Pro in your network.


    Sync the folder on your computer to a SharePoint Document Library in SkyDrive Pro.


    Changes could be made by the recommended max of 10 users in SharePoint concurrently.


    Haven't tested this but may work in theory.


    Best Regards,



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    My work-around:

    1. Open the Sharepoint document library with Windows Explorer (Ribbon-Bar -> Library -> Open with Windows Explorer).

    2. Copy the https://... path which is shown in the address field of Windows Explorer to the clipboard.

    3. Add a new network ressource / network drive in Windows Explorer pointing to this path.

    4. Acces this ressource / drive wihtin Bartender with no problems.

    I hope this helps.


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