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Save Printer Configurations And Definitions


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    Please note that the printer configuration is saved on the label configuration, and the label printer settings prevails under driver settings so make sure that you save your printer settings on the label instead of use driver settings, and in case of a disastre recovery you only will need to recovery your BarTender label files. In Commander you will need to save your Commander task list file.


    Anyway if you want, you could indeed export the driver settings from an already edited driver, and import these settings to the rest of installed drivers.

    From the driver properties, under the “Tools” tab, click on the “Driver Options…” button and, under the “Administration” tab click on the “Export…” button to get a driver configuration file. Once you’ve got this file, simply import it from this same dialog (using the “Import…” button) on the rest of your Seagull Printer drivers.






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