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I have installed the TEC drivers (for a tec b-sa4t). When I install the drivers, with the printer connected to an USB port, and thus choosing this option when installing a new driver, my software works fine. If I install the TEC to another port type (like LPT1:) and I print a large number of labels, I see the GDI handles rise and rise until they reach 100000 and then program fails.
The resource leak seem not to be in our software.

We use the newest driver version 7.2.1.

So I first installed tec driver connected to LPT1: -> I get leaks
Then I installed a second driver 7.2.1. other name and choose port usb-001 (after inserting printer usb cable. USB available to select). Nearly no GDI handles extra are used. This works fine.
afterwards i tries a C.ITOH S4 (at home). It was first installed to LPT1: but afterwards port altered to HP JETDIRECT Tcp/ip. Printing works fine but GDI Handles are leaked an never released in program lifetime.

Any idea's?
Where to get support for this kind of problem?

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Gene Henson

Hello Marc,

We would actually like to take a closer look at your environment for this problem. Can you email (or call) your closest regional office for more assistance with this issue?

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Youness FARID (yfarid

Hello Marc,

We, in Tech. Support EMEA, have received your inquiry and will soon get back to you.


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