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When printing from database to a speedster inkjet printer it prints unwanted lines. The print preview shows no lines but prints out on physical job.
I am using the trial version of the program

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Shotaro Ito
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Hi Gavin,
Haven't tried the printer, however if the Speedster printer have Windows driver and printed fine with other application, that should not print unspecified line from BarTender. Check below..
[*]Some printer drivers have optimization setting which might have results different printout. Select "Raster mode" or something - often printer's user manual / tech support knows what to do when printout is different from preview.
[*]Spooling method might affect it. In printer properties > Advanced tab, change [Enable advanced printing features] enabled or disabled to see what happens.
[*]One thing to identify it caused by BarTender or not, is create simple document by other application (such as WordPad etc) and print to see the same thing happened or not.
[*]Another way is print the same BarTender format to other model printer and see the line is printed or not.
[*]If that caused by BarTender, check what object might caused that. Text? Box? Picture or Rich text object?
Trial version doesn't insert unwanted line even expired. (when expired, a character of every bar code / text will be randomly modified.)
Ian Cummings
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Make sure that the line isn't being caused by the printer. Go into the properties of the printer driver and perform a print head nozzle clean and alignment.

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