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Data Is Out Of Position


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    [quote name='jonas_swe' timestamp='1341559735' post='2771']
    Dear all.

    In BarTender design and preview-mode my label looks fine but
    when I actually print it all data comes out of position (downward).

    I´ve tried to read all threads concerning this matter and tried
    all kinds of settings, automatic, manual, sizes and margins...

    Please any advice...?

    BarTender 10.0 (Swe)
    Build 2821
    OS Win 7 Pro SP1

    Printer InterMec EasyCoder PD42 (300 dpi) - DP
    Driver Intermec Direct Protocol Drive
    Ver 7.2 M-1

    Were you able to sort this?
    I'm having exactly the same problem using bartender and an Intermec P43d

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    We're using Bartender 10.0 with Zebra printers ... I recently had some odd alignment issues with the labels and the fix for me was to disable Printer Optimizations on the label. Go to File >> Print >> Performance and then experiment with the checkboxes under the "Printer Optimizations" heading.
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    Does anybody have a solution for this now?

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    Fernando Ramos Miracle

    There are several reasons that might be causing this. For starters please make sure you've got up to date software:


    1. You are working with the latest release for your BarTender version (in your case v10.0 SR4, build 2868). You can download the latest one from the below webpage:


    2. Also make sure that you are working with the latest release of our Seagull drivers, you can download them from the below webpage:


    Once everything is up to date, you'll need to make sure all the page and media settings are correctly configured.


    3. For the page and label configuration open the "File>Page Setup..." dialog.


      a. Under the "Page" tab, make sure to set the actual stock width (including non printable area) and height (for labels with gaps the printer should take care of the gap, so only set the actual label height. Notice that the label preview when editing the width or height of the label shows exactly what this size should be.


      b. Under the "Layout" tab make sure to set the size of the non printable margins on the sides of the label.


    4. For the Media settings, open the "File>Print..." dialog and click on the "Document Properties..." button. Make sure that you configure the correct settings under the "Stock" tab. Especially the one regarding the sensor or stock type.


    *Note that the latter settings are the driver preferences, if you configure them directly on the driver each new document opened on BarTender will get this settings applied by default (only valid for new documents, you'll need to modify the older ones one by one).


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