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Bartender - Datareader


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    Susan Chen
    Hi, Rbay:

    Can you let us know more about your environment?
    1. user db_datareader print OK from the machine(say A) as a MS SQL server and with Bartender 9.4SR1 install
    2. user db_datareader login to the other machine(say B) and try to print from the other machine(B) with Bartender installed : Baredner ->File-> Print then 3239 error happen ??
    3. On Machine B, connection to machine A's SQL server inside Bartender is OK no problem? There is a "Test Connection" button you can test in "Add Database connection wizard". Can you confirm this part?
    4. Does customer set up custom SQL statement in Bartender? If you can share with us your label format with/without sample SQL database, it will be helpful. You might need someone know basic Bartender to work with you or you can contact our local regional support office to provide you with more personalized help on this specific error.


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