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I try to create a GS1-128 code by using bartender.
I use GS1.128 wizard and I need to create code where I use following codes.

(01) product (preset), (17) and (10) batch:
Everything works fine.. But, If I use Code set C. System add extra number Zero "0" end of batch number.
I add batch number 1234567, but when I print it code is 12345670
If I use Code Set auto, zero disappears.

I need to use Code Set C, that barcode is shorter.

Where is problem?


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Ian Cummings
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Code set C encodes data in numeric pairs, therefore there needs to be an even number of digits in the barcode. This includes all function, AI, data and check digit characters. If an odd number of digits is given as input BarTender will be forced to pad with a zero if code set C is explicitly specified. It is impossible to encode and odd number of digits into Code 128 code set C using any software. If you use the "Auto" feature for the code set, you will find that the majority of the symbology is encoded using code set C with a switch somewhere near the end of the data to code set A or B to encode the remaining odd number of digits.

Wikipedia has a good write-up of this that explains it in greater detail:

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