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since some days i make a lots of trial to produce PDF printouts (files) instead of PS (postscripts) files but i do not succeed at all.

I've tried with different free PDF packages (Cutepdf, BullZip,...) and also with the trial commercial release of Cutepdf, but i go on prudinc files that sounds like PostScript and are not recognized by Adobe.

The principle is producing a PDf file (instead of printing) through Commander, considering i want to specify the name of the file in commander parameters.

here is one example of trigger file.

%BTW% /AF="C:\MYFMT\FicheFormat.btw" /D="<Trigger File Name>" /R=3 /P /C=1 /PRN="Bullzip PDF Printer" /PRNFILE="C:\MYPDF\15132614.PDF"

I've double checked all Bullzip parameters and also installation (Ghostscript is installed) and to my point of view, i should get a pdf but the file is a PS.

I'm able to manually convert the PS to PDF but i don't want that. I need that automatic.

Is it possible to produce PDf with bartender/commander (Version 8.01) without a specific commercial software and if yes which software and how ?

If it's only possible with a comemrcial sofware, which one is supported.
Attached, the PDf produced that sounds like a Postcript.

Thanks for you support.

i'm turning around.

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Shotaro Ito
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Hi Godzestla,
Try not using /PRNFILE option - use just /P to create PDF file.
To do that, you need to setup your PDF software to not show any dialog at print.
In Adobe PDF, you have some options in printing preference. I thought BullZip has option in start menu.
Use document name (Jobname) as export file name.

In default, BarTender uses btw format's file name as Job name, however you can specify jobname by /PrintJobName option.
something like..
%BTW% /AF="C:\MYFMT\FicheFormat.btw" /D="<Trigger File Name>" /R=3 /P /C=1 /PRN="Bullzip PDF Printer" /PrintJobName="C15132614"
PDF export folder should be able to specified by PDF software's setting.
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I Shotaro,

thanks a lot for your quick, excellent and detailled reply.

I was afraid that nobody could help me.

I've followed your suggestions and i can successfully produce a PDf file but the name of the generated file remains the name of the format despite the use of /PrintJobName and the test of every possible parameter in Bullzip

Here is the Trigger contents:
[code]%BTW% /AF="G:\Emballage\Format\Current\WLD\FicheFabV00.btw" /D="<Trigger File Name>" /R=3 /P /C=1 /PRN="Bullzip PDF Printer" /PrintJobName="C15132614"

Bullzip creates me the PDf file where i want (no dialog) but the pdf file name is allways the format name : FicheFabV00.pdf. :unsure:

Is there any other way to change this name, for example with Vb scripts ?

Thanks in advance.
Shotaro Ito
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In where you specify save PDF folder in bullzip option, you can use <docname> macro or something (don't remember exact macro name) to use your PrintJobName as filename.
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Hi again,

i'm happy you're online. (I do not know what local time you have in japan, here 10h50 AM)

The options you told me are in effect in Bullzip.

That means :
Filename is : G:\Emballage\FichesDeFab\PS\<basedocname>.pdf

I set Bullzip in debug mode, and to my point of view, it sounds like Commander does not use the /PrintJobName="15132614" parameter, because in the Bullzip Log below, you see that the Documentname remains the bartender Format name.
[code][MyStartDocPort] Start Doc
[MyStartDocPort] Session Id: a61c13cf-2d04-4f10-9270-466971ec0dbd
[MyStartDocPort] Printer Name: Bullzip PDF Printer
[MyStartDocPort] DocumentName: FicheFabV00.btw
[MyStartDocPort] Printer Job - Machine Name: \\Yxxxxxx
[MyStartDocPort] Printer Job - User Name: xxxxxxx
[MyStartDocPort] Postscript file name: C:\Windows\TEMP\BullZip\PDF Printer\TEMP_a61c13cf-2d04-4f10-9270-466971ec0dbd\
[MakePDF] Work Area: C:\Windows\TEMP\BullZip\PDF Printer\TEMP_a61c13cf-2d04-4f10-9270-466971ec0dbd\
[MakePDF] Unable to read GUITimeout setting from the registry. Defaulting to 0.
[MakePDF] Unable to read 'PriorityClass' setting from the registry. Defaulting to NORMAL.
[MakePDF] Unable to read 'Disable Impersonation' setting from the registry. Defaulting to 0.
[MakePDF] PostScript: C:\Windows\TEMP\BullZip\PDF Printer\TEMP_a61c13cf-2d04-4f10-9270-466971ec0dbd\
[MakePDF] Build parameter string for GUI
[MakePDF] Postscript file: C:\Windows\TEMP\BullZip\PDF Printer\TEMP_a61c13cf-2d04-4f10-9270-466971ec0dbd\
[b][MakePDF] Document Name is : FicheFabV00.btw[/b]
[MakePDF] Printer Name is : Bullzip PDF Printer
[MakePDF] User Name is : xxxxxx
[MakePDF] GUI parameters: ps="C:\Windows\TEMP\BullZip\PDF Printer\TEMP_a61c13cf-2d04-4f10-9270-466971ec0dbd\", sessionid="a61c13cf-2d04-4f10-9270-466971ec0dbd", doc="FicheFabV00.btw", printer="Bullzip PDF Printer", user="a477453"
[RunGUI] RunOnError was not set.
[RunGUI] Launch GUI
[RunProcessAsUser] Impersonate: Start
[RunProcessAsUser] Impersonate: 1
[RunProcessAsUser] Impersonate: 2
[RunProcessAsUser] Impersonate: 3
[RunProcessAsUser] Impersonate: 4.1
[RunProcessAsUser] Impersonate: 5
[RunProcessAsUser] Impersonate: 6
[RunProcessAsUser] Impersonate: 7
[RunProcessAsUser] Impersonate: 9
[RunProcessAsUser] Impersonate: End
[MakePDF] Cleanup
[MakePDF] Status: Success

I've tried different values for /PrintJobName, with no apparent effect. It seems to be ignored.
When i simply remove this parm, i get the same : PDf created with format name.
Shotaro Ito
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mmm.. /PrintJobName="jobname" command supposed to be work in BarTender 8.01 however I don't have the environment to test now.

make sure there's no invalid / strange character is in the trigger file text (looks OK though).
Run BarTender from command line to see that command actually works or not.

bartend.exe /AF="c:\format.btw" /P /PRN="MYPRINTER" /PrintJobName="jobname"

(set printer offline and print document, then you would find specified jobname in print queue.)
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Thanks again.

I did the test through the command line and this is ok.

The file gets the correct name. 15132614.PDF

I used the folliwng command :
[code]bartend.exe /AF="G:\Emballage\Format\Current\WLD\FicheFabV00.btw" /P /PrintJobName="15132614" /PRN="Bullzip PDF Printer" [/code]

directly inside Bartender folder.

I've tried again through commander, it remains bad : FicheFabV00.PDF created instead of 15132614.PDF. and the Jobname is bad : FicheFabV00.btw.

Line one of commander is :

[code]%BTW% /AF="G:\Emballage\Format\Current\WLD\FicheFabV00.btw" /D="<Trigger File Name>" /R=3 /P /C=1 /PrintJobName="15132614" /PRN="Bullzip PDF Printer" [/code]

I dont' see the difference.
It sound like a bug inside Commander.

Another strange thing : PDF Files created through Commander (bad name) and Bartender (good name) do not have the same size.
Commander Created : 60 Kb
Bartender Created : 100 KB.

Is another driver in use through Commander ?

------------------- EDIT 05-05-2012 15:14 PM

Below the reply of Bartender Support in Barcelona.

They confirm Commander 8.01 does not support /PrintJobName parameter (implemented but not supported) despite Bartender 8.01 does.

[quote]Hello ,

The /PrintJobName parameter wasn't added yet in this version of BarTender. It was available to the Command Line parameter interface in BT v8.01, but not to Commander. This is why it is not working for you.

You currently have two solutions:

1.-    Get BarTender v10.0 (you can first test it) as Commander does come with this parameter in this version.


2.-    Try using the "Operating System" command inside Commander. This is the less ideal solution, and you will still need to construct your command line in a way that it works correctly. You can use the %Trigger File Name% variable when using an Operating System command.

Your Commander task will still look similar, the only thing that would change is that you would use "Operating System" command instead of "Commander Script".

The following screenshot e.g. shows how to open BarTender via this Operating System command:

However, we will only be able to offer limited support on this method as using an “Operating System” command is really an external tool to Commander and you will not be using anymore the “BarTender” processes managed by Commander.

I hope this clarifies things.

I'm afraid i have to think to that harder and alone.

Thanks Shotaro to bring me to the way.

Shotaro Ito
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Thanks for the update..!
I'm sorry I didn't check that in depth. Hope that workaround works for you till update to newer ver.
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Hi again,

i found a solution, a bit tricky but not so much.

At Trigger creation time, i copy the format under the name of the trigger, in the below case [b]FicheFormat.btw[/b] copied to [b]15132614.btw[/b]

I change the trigger from
[code]%BTW% /AF="C:\MYFMT\FicheFormat.btw" /D="<Trigger File Name>" /R=3 /P /C=1 /PRN="Bullzip PDF Printer" /PrintJobName="C15132614"

[code]%BTW% /AF="C:\MYFMT\15132614.btw" /D="<Trigger File Name>" /R=3 /P /C=1 /PRN="Bullzip PDF Printer" /PrintJobName="15132614"

This creates me the .PDF i need. B) Finally.

Later, the package will remove the temporary Format.

It was not that difficult.

Comment: i know that /PrintJobName is useless with my release but with the new one, it will be supported. That's the reason it's present.
Shotaro Ito
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Smart! :)
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:rolleyes: Thanks.

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