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Database connection


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    Peter Thane

    Not 100% sure what you mean but if you use the History Explorer companion application that will give you read only access to parts of the System Database including what has been printed (if logging is enabled) as well as error messages etc, if that is what you are looking for.

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    Ashutosh Parida

    Hi Peter,

    Recently we are facing a lot of issue regarding the Bartender printing. Basically the issue is labels are not printing. we analyse and got some points that

    Restarting Bartender server fix the problem, Everything goes to normal state then.
    Our Application(LabVantage) logs & DB tables (label events) everything is normal.
    Bartender application logs/Printer status all okay.

    There are 2 LabVantage instances using same Bartender software.
    Overall label printing utilization has been decreased last quarter still issues remain, concluding its not the increasing load on Bartender.
    Bartender version – 2016, OS- Windows Server 2016 Standard, LabVantage V-8.72.

    Can you please help us on this to how to resolve the issue, as this is an alarming issue for us.




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