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Hello, I am trying to setup Integration builder to print some test labels as a pdf. I specified the pdf printer to use in my test database file, I am using a variable in Integration builder that reads what printer to use from the database file. I have integration builder scanning a folder on my desktop for the database file (its a .txt file that is pipe delimited) and whenever it sees that .txt file it renames the .txt to .Completed if it prints successfully and .failed if its not successful. When I try to test print the labels with my zebra printer my labels print and the file is renamed to .Completed, but when I try to test print using Bullzip PDF Printer as my printer it renames the file to .Completed, but it doesn't create the pdf with my labels.

I followed this video as a guide to setup integration builder.

In the video he was able to print his labels as a pdf. I also tried printing as a pdf without using a variable and just setting the Integration to use Bullzip PDF Printer as my printer. It shows that the file is printing as you can see in the picture.

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Ian Cummings
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In the BarTender Print action, make sure you specify a unique name (through the use of an integration variable) for the print job name, and also tick the, "prompt for data input" check box.  This assumes that Bullzip is configured to autosave the PDF based on the name of the print job.

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