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Event ID 512


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    Dirk Broekema



    We have the exact same problem and so far no solution. Jonathan, did you get any other answer or solution?


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    Jonathan Yung

    Dirk was the Maestro service mentioned in the error?


    Maestro.Service.exe: TCPSocketWithReUse::Read: SocketException occurred. ID: 0x0000000022D24470, Host, Port: 6160 Error: 0x00002745 An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.


    I contacted bartender support on this issue


    Here is there responce...

    The Printer Maestro service, as referenced in the error, is used to monitor print jobs and printers in your network: BarTender Printer Maestro
    If you are not using Printer Maestro, we advise you to remove it, as it can impact performance.


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