How to make print dialog box which prints only few labels with each different quantity from particular database? Seguir

vishal dhoalriya

I have below databse and want to print as per requirement shown in dialog box.

i have made dialog lox of print as shown in below images but i want to know how to set them as per requirement.

please see the screenshots.



Item Name Size Color Generic Name Item type MRP  
A001 XL Red Kurti Staight Kurti 2999  
A002 3Xl Black Kurti Staight Kurti 3000  
A003 4XL Red Kurti Staight Kurti 3001  
A004 S Blue Kurti Staight Kurti 3002  
A005 M Red Kurti Staight Kurti 3003  
A006 L Black Kurti Staight Kurti 3004  
A007 XXL Red Kurti Staight Kurti 3005  
A008 XL Black Kurti Staight Kurti 3006  
A009 XL Red Kurti Staight Kurti 3007  
A010 XL Blue Kurti Staight Kurti 3008  
A011 XL Red Kurti Staight Kurti 3009  

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Pete Thane
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(This probably should be under Printing or Database connections rather than the System Database but nevermind)


So it looks like at print time you want to select the records you want to print and then add in a quantity for each record as you go along. 

The simplest way to achieve this is to replace the existing content of your Data Entry form with a Record Picker (stretching the size as appropriate to improve the way it is displayed) and then amend the Properties of Picker Selection Mode > Extended and Selector Column > Quantity.

At print time the users will then see a table of all the records and they just need to type in the quantity of those they want to print making sure the others are set to zero.

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