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or edri


I have Priority software that has integration to bartender, 

the integration include information that sends and we can see it in bartender, and print it. 


I want to know how can i send information from database that will entered to QR code, that will direct me to website. 

For example i am selling products and i want that the buyers can enter to my website to get warranty for the product,

by scanning the QR code and will be directed to my website, and will give the product details automatically. 

I want to send the information about the website and another field that contains the serial number of the product from the database.

thanks, Or.

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Pete Thane
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Making links to a database in a QR code is fairly straightforward once you have used the Database Connection wizard to link your label to your database, as you will then be able to choose Database as the source of the string/sub-string in the QR code and then select what field to link to in the connected table.

This link may help with this

You would need to have separate strings in the QR code for web address and product/serial number but you would probably need to configure your website to accept this extra data etc. 

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