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Hi All,

I am hoping this is a really easy one... Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere but I didn't spot a post for it.

I have a customer that is generating two pdfs files from different software packages.

Is there a way that Integration Builder can put PDF1 as page 1 and PDF2 as page 2 to then be printed on a dual sided label printer?

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Peter Thane
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Not tried this but without any other files or triggering mechanism:and as long as the PDFs created by each printer always have the same name 

  1. Set the label up with two templates, one that has a graphic on it that is linked to PDF1 in a specific folder (not where it is saved when it is created)  and the same for the second template but linked to PDF2 and a different folder for that. Make sure your label format properties are set up for duplex/dual sided printing. 
  2. Create a file integration that looks for PDF1 and moves it from the folder it was created in to the folder from 1 above but enabling the option to overwrite existing files of the same name
  3. Repeat for PDF2 but then add a print document action to this integration to print your label too.

 This would only work when producing the pair of PDFs one after the other and not if you did a batch of PDF1s and then a batch of PDF2s. The process would be PDF1 created and moved to a new folder, then PDF2 created, moved to a new folder and then the label is opened and printed using the whichever two PDFs are saved in the appropriate folders.

I hope this makes sense.

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