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Static text and image not printing on label but incoming data is fine


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    Peter Thane

    Not sure what printer the ZP505 is based from but it looks like a variant of a GK or GX printer. 

    If this is the case I am guessing that the Seagull driver trying to cache the label format static fields and graphic in the default E flash module that the Z4M Plus to call up each time it prints the variable data fields. However this location doesn't exist on the GK/GX machines. 

    There are a couple of things you could try

    • Try using an equivalent Seagull GK or GX printer driver (ZPL model) 
    • Or on the BarTender File>Print>Performance tab disable all the caching option s (basically all the Printer Optimisations)  and carry on using the Z4mPlus.

    I hope this helps


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    John Bourke

    Hi Peter - thank you for taking the time to answer. The ZP505 is apparently a newer model of the printer that Zebra & UPS used as specific UPS-approved label printers; I couldn't figure out which (or whether) it tied to one of the Zebra UPS drivers, but the Z4mPus (Zebra driver) was what all our other 505s were using as a driver. 

    I checked the caching options but they were already disabled. I've made a note to try the Seagull GK or GX if we run into the issue again, and ideally I'll be able to correlate the drivers listed as "UPS" printers (in their name) to an actual model at some point as well.

    In the meantime, while testing I *did* find a ZP 500 Series driver (from Zebra) and tried that just now - it works! I was able to match most of the Z4mPlus settings, and the labels are printing out perfectly, so we'll go with that. 

    It's weird that I couldn't find the reason that the Seagull driver wouldn't work as smoothly/completely, but as long as Bartender is happily printing labels, I'm happy.


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