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Merlin Das Devadas

We are using the bartender software in our manufacturing unit, we are facing challenge in printing in setting up the format "MMDDYYHHMMSS" could you help us fix this issue.

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Pete Thane
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or ease make the field up of two substrings, one for the date and the other fro the time element.

To do this 

  1. Add a Text Field on your label and then go in to the Properties of it
  2. Make the Type "Clock" and then click on the Data Type and change the type on there to date
  3. In the Format box scroll down to the Custom at the bottom and select it
  4. In the Pattern box just below, amend the contents to MMddyy
  5. Next click on the New Data Source button on the bottom left of the Text Properties screen
  6. Again male the type clock but then on the Data Type tab change the option to Time
  7. As above choose the custom option and change the pattern to HHmmss and then you are done.

I hope this helps - image below for reference


Please note: you could skip parts 4 to 7 above and just add the HHmmss to the end of the customer date pattern in 4 if you wanted.  

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