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Steve Devlin

Hi there I wondered if someone would be able to help? We own a CITIZEN CL-S521 and have this attached to a Mac with the macOS CUPS driver installed. The printer is loaded with 4” x 6” labels. When we print or Royal Mail click and collect labels to the printer the print is cropped off. Please see attached. This happens regardless if scale to fit / 100% etc is selected?

Has anyone had this issue before or happen to know how to resolve?

Many thanks in advance,



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Pete Thane
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Dont know anything about the Royal Mail program or the Mac drivers but it looks to me the file is being produced at the incorrect resolution, you may want to double check you have installed the correct driver that matches your printers resolution. 

If you are sending a label created with a 300dpi driver then a 4 inch long line would be 1200 dots in length in the printer command language, but if that is sent a 200dpi printer then the 1200 dots would equate to a 6 inch long instead when it prints and it looks to me like that is happening here as both the right hand and bottom thirds look to be missing.

I hope this helps 

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