Web service integration - variable truncated Seguir


I'm reaching out in the hope that someone has already figured this out.

We're trying to send images through our web service integration. The only way that it seems to support is embedded base64. In our test integration we receive a POST with the data fields we need in a CSV like format (unformatted text).

Our actions are Transform Text to Record Set -> For Each Database Record -> Print Document. 

The template has a small logo field that needs to be dynamic. The Picture element has Picture Source set to Encoded Picture Data / Base64 and Data Source Type is set to Database Field. It points to the  proper field.

As long was we don't need an image this all works fine. When we include the Base64 string for an image during the For Each Database Record action the EventData variable gets truncated, losing a large piece of the image string and causing a problem (Image Error -9: Invalid file format). 

Another minor irritation - the reply from the web service integration on this is 'RanToCompletion', which we interpret as success, though no label will be printed.

Is there a better way to pass images Bartender?

Is there a way to stop it from truncating? 



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