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Gabriel Fuentes

using Bartender 2019 156128 x64, The "BarTender System Database Setup" wizard while creating the "BarTender" database in my SQL Server instance fails.

 after setting:

server name : myServer

Authentication: SQL Server Authentication

Login Name: sa

password: mypassword

it fails in 'Setting up the Bartender System Database' step

the logging user has all of the privileges of my SQL instance(sa user).

I tried with sql2016, sql 2017, sql2019, all of them with the same error

there is not even logs in 'history explorer'

the environment is:
windows server 2019 standard

how can we solve this problem?

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Gabriel Fuentes
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The issue for this problem was about the Server Collation on SQL

my environment was running with
Server Collation   --  Latin1_General_BIN

I had to rebuild the master database and modify the server collation to:

Server Collation   -- SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS

after rebuilt the master database following the steps:

I ran again the BarTender System Database Setup successfully

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