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I was wondering if anyone could answer this for me. We usually have one specific server(biz-test) and domain account(biz-user) that makes all the print requests to our bartender server(bar01). On our bartender server we utilize NOVA PDF10. I noticed in the printer monitor(job logs) of NOVA, the failed jobs are because the request comes from the server's(bar01) system account and not showing with our specific server with the specific domain account.


  • successful print request: computer: biz-test user: biz-user
  • failed print request: computer: bar01 user: bar01$

I am assuming bar01$  is the system account, if someone wants to correct me if I am wrong.

So my question is, is it possible that the job request from biz-test/biz-user can turn into a system account request? how can I verify if the integration job request is sent to the pdf printer as the correct user and not the system account?

I am trying to figure out if:

  • bartender job request from a domain user can be lost and defaulted as system
  • NOVA PDF10 is somehow involved when they receive the job request
  • if this is originating from our devs on how they make the request to bartender


side notes:

Because these job request fails, as the pdf never get's generated, bartender throws a we can't find the file error in the integration.

I hope I made that clear, thanks in advance!


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Peter Thane
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The Print Document part of a deployed Integhrations run under the system account unless you configure to use a different account before you deploy it.


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