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Noel Tardaguila

Hi i bought a xprinter 490b 5mos ago.  now the printing is faded.  what to do?

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Pete Thane
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Faded printing could be caused by a number of causes.

  • Is a new roll of labels you are using? If so, try a different roll and see if you get the same results.
  • As the printer is a direct thermal printer is the label stock is old then it could have begum to degrade as this type of media has a shorter shelf so again try the printer with a new roll of labels
  • Clean the printhead and platen roller. Using a proper printhead cleaning kit of some kind to do this and do not use anything abrasive or sharp. 
  • It could be that some elements on the printhead of failed. Create a new test label with just a thick black line going all the way across the label and print a couple of copies. If you can see clear straight vertical lines going through the print then this probably means some elements on the head have failed and so will need to be replaced. If you haven't already done so already it maybe worth cleaning the head and roller first and then retesting in the event there is any label residue caught on these that are causing the lines but probably not.
  • Up the darkness/temperature setting in the driver and see if that helps to compensate for the fading.. 

I hope this helps


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