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I've been banging my head against a wall trying to get this to work.  Everything works great and exports the PDF when I remove the picture from the Template file, but as soon as the image is part of the Template File, the Integration says it worked without error but it does not produce the PDF.

I added the image to template with default path:

Then put the "Name" as the data source "mainPic" and gave the sample value for file name (even the preview displays the image):


Then I send values to Integration Builder test:


Even when I send the full file path it still doesn't work:

No PDF file is generated even though Integration Builder gives no errors.  Once I remove the whole picture from the BarTender Designer template the Integration Builder produces the PDFs again

Can someone point me in the right direction?





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Peter Thane
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I have setup something similar for a customer previously but using a text trigger file and from the look of it the only thing different we had was the .png extension added via Transforms>Suffix as the trigger file only had the name of the image to use and not the file extension with the images stored on a network drive. 

I wonder if it maybe a rights issue, as BarTender will be running under a System account and probably will not have access to the C:\Users.... folder. I would suggest you move the image to a folder of the C: root and then repoint the label to this and see what happens. 


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