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Can't create print file on network share


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    Al Perez

    Hi Chris, we appreciate your post, thanks!

    Chris, I noticed that you've already opened a case with Technical Support, so I've asked the Technician to reach out to you. 

    In any case, these kinds of issues are typically related to 'faulty' permissions, meaning that even with your local Administrator account, either you cannot 'write to' the share or the Integration service itself is not able to generate the PDF in this location. One way you could test this is by printing to a local folder, but then using an additional action (this means modifying your integration) to move the file from one location to another. Use the Move action in Integration Builder to test this.

    While we're more than happy to attempt to answer your questions here, you'll get better, personalized support in the incident ticket you've currently got open. Let us know if there's anything else we can do for you!

    Thanks again,

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    Peter Thane

    I am fairly certain I cam across something similar a little while back and it was a rights issue. I cant recall now whether we ran the integration with different user credentials or adjusted something in the user accounts to get round this, but I think it was the former.



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