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Conditions for running or skipping actions don't work properly


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    Peter Thane

    Not had any issues with the performance from the installs I have been involved in although for the most part these are file integrations and fairly straight forward. 

    You may find it better to raise this with your reginal Seagull Tech team to see if they can provide any guidance. 

    For the %Variable% issue, is that the actual name you are using? If so I wonder if it is the name is causing the problem as a number of the commands relate to insert variable etc and so you could be causing a conflict somewhere. Probably rubbish, but just a thought as you said the Variable1 name worked.

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    Thanks Pete.

    No - %Variable% isn't the actual name I'm using. I think it's %ErrorStatus%, which I checked and isn't a system variable already.

    I think I ended up solving this by not using the built in conditionals for executing an action. Instead, I built a separate system based on Select Case %ErrorStatus%, and a whole bunch of Go To actions. It's logical but messy, and its affecting performance. If scaling the server up doesnt solve it, then I'll reach out to Seagull.

    Thanks for your help.



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