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We are using Dymo LabelWriter 450 to print part ID labels using Bartender 2019 integrated into our business/manufacturing software.  On a workstation, we send a .TXT file from within our software to a specified file location that Bartender software searches for, reads and prints the label.  We currently are set up on two workstations with same access on both.  When the label prints it always prints one blank label prior to printing the required label.  No matter what quantity, or variations of labels are printed, it always prints one blank label first.  No matter which workstation we print from, the result is the same on both.

We were using Windows 7 pro when we started using Bartender 2016 but we upgraded to Window 10 about the time we upgraded to Bartender 2019.  I'm not sure if the windows upgrade is the problem or if the Bartender upgrade is the problem.  We didn't have this issue prior to these upgrades.  Anyone have this issue or similar one?  This printer uses a windows printer driver.

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Pete Thane
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Not sure Mike, it sounds like the printer is auto feeding to find the next gap. You may want to check the printer settings in the driver and see if there is anything in there that controls that.

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